wordpress-logo.jpgWordPress 3.0 has been out for almost one month now. This new version 3.0 has many new features that are listed in the following page.

I have tried to upgrade my WordPress on the day it was released, but I got into a problem with locales.php file. I suspect it has something to do with one of my plugins, but since I can’t even logged in to my administrator page, I decidec to revert back to version 2.9.2 until the plugins are supported. And apparently, I was not the only one facing the problem. Here’s a report about others who have encountered some kind of problems when upgrading.

Here are a few links on how to upgrade to WordPress version 3.0:

  1. Updating WordPress. This is from WordPress.org itself, the official guide to upgrade.
  2. WordPress 3.0 Upgrade: What to Expect
  3. 3 Tips to Ensure a Seamless WordPress Upgrade

Good luck!

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