There are a lot of guides and pointers that can help newbies in familiarize themselves with Linux. Some of the books that I have posted earlier will certainly helps, and hopefully they have helped you in gearing yourself with the necessary tools to use and enjoy Linux. 🙂

Here I put two more special links for Linux newbies, which I believe to have a lot of information necessary in learning Linux further:

  • The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide
  • This site has tons of information, such as the background of Linux, how to select a Linux distro, and many other pointers once you have installed and run Linux. I have been trying to achieve this site to capture some of the insights that this link provides, and hopefully we can get there. 🙂 In the mean time, you can look into the information that they already compiled and learn from it.

  • Linux Foundation – Video
  • This site has all the videos related to Linux, from the guides to install & setup Linux, to spoofs and ads about Linux. Some of the people in The Ultimarte Linux Newbie Guide also put their links in this site, so if you want to see the video how to install Ubuntu for example, you can watch it here.

Enjoy the links. 🙂

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